Anthony Bourdain is better at Facebook than you (by You, I mean Me).

I love Bourdain. Love Bourdain… But it seems like in that alternate universe they call the Facebook, he is winning. Hell, he is winning the Internet altogether IMO. Dude’s got a live feed on his fan page, posts quality shit, and i never get bullshit invites from him. Yeah, I know that he’s got some guy cooped up in some Manhattan PR firm doing the dirty work (I.e. Some shmuck like me) Fact is, I’ve been feeling somewhat shy lately, Facebook-wise, rarely keeping up with anyone, rarely giving a shit, rarely not keeping up with not giving a shit, and ultimately, not giving a shit. Yes, I am a self indulgent hypocrite.

See, I’m jealous of people who have won the Internet. Some people are just better about not giving a shit and they look good doing it,

Bourdain’s web presence is both tactful, refined, and still manages to retain the awesome I’ve come to know and love in his prose, fiction, TV show, etc., which is why Anthony Bourdain is awesome.

Also, he is a Ninja.

No status updates, twitters few and far between, and he lives in Vietnam. I am absolutely positive that he could, if tempted, infiltrate my humble abode, slaughter my family, and force-feed me Duck L’orange whilst screaming that I am a traitor for liking tofu…and as I digress a bit here, my point was….

Duck L’orange…. Sweet, sweet succulent duck l’orange. Bourdain, something about Facebook, web presence, etc.

Oh yeah, check his FB fan page, watch his show, buy his books. Because he is awesome.

UPDATE: Guess who else is better at Facebook than you. The Egyptians. Go fig.


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