Patiently waiting for the impending death of the wired desktop speaker

Kudos to Bluetooth speakers, like the little JamBoxes and such. I honestly can’t afford one. I would love to snag some Bluetooth earbuds as well, and still most of these require a wire between left/right earbud. There was an episode of the ‘The Office’ where Halpert found the “Worlds Tiniest Bluetooth Earpiece” on an obscure Korean website or something though. That’s what I want. I don’t usually listen to music at work, because I actually like to pay attention to what is happening in the office. When I do check out a song at work, I put in my wired earbud, as in one bud. I cut the other one right the fuck off.  Simple. one ear hears a calming or contemplative soundtrack, the other is diligently listening to everything that is being said in the office because that is technically what you should be doing at work to begin with. But I’m getting off on a slight tangent now.

I think it’s fair too assume that a lot of office desktop speakers around the world continue to be the mind-fucking wired ones, which for me, have literally drove me mad over the last two weeks. Some are USB powered, which helps I guess, but some still require a 12-15V wall-wart power supply that some miserable employee will have to plug into the power strip under their desk. It also makes the entire load heavier when your boss tells you to dispose of 35 sets of them. I carried three rather large boxes of these pointless bastards out to the dumpster by myself.

I kept one though, because I work at home a lot now. Here I am going through the whole process of unraveling, I don’t know, six feet of wire per speaker plus power cord. I sit down to work on some drawings and it turns out that the really nice monitor I got from a colleague who recently passed away actually has speakers built in to the monitor itself. This is awesome. The monitor I’m referring to is the Samsung S23B550V and I’m pretty happy with it. But I have to throw way another set of pointless speakers now.

I didn’t even know monitors are coming out with built-in speakers these days. Pretty cool. I will not likely be purchasing a JamBox anytime soon, but I will be saving up for the “Worlds Tiniest Bluetooth Earpiece” on the obscure Korean website that Halpert found.


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