Whoa there, Pickle.

My lord it’s been ages since we spoke. I hope this writing finds you well. I was genuinely surprised when I decided to start blogging again and found that this shitty attempt was still around.

I really like WordPress now. I started this blog four years ago because I was bored at work and becoming complacent. To be fair, work was really slow at the time so I needed a hobby. A friend of mine convinced me to carry over this blog to a Drupal platform (technichallydistracted.net) and then the entire data center went up in flames. Oh well. Just kidding, my laptop caught on fire and I forgot to pay Godaddy.

Drupal is way too beyond my website design understanding. What the fuck is a module? Why can’t it simply state “Add Menu” or whatever, like WordPress? But to my knowledge WP was not this creatively intuitive four years ago, and I started this guy on my first gen iPad. Ironically, that iPad was destroyed when I was trying to make my own pickles one night with my messed up foot. I tripped and fell with iPad in one hand and a mason jar in the other, and nearly got glass in my eye. I’m not going to google the definition of irony because I get that shit wrong on the regular. Who cares.

Skip to the End: All of my posts between 2011 and today still exist on my buddy’s server. No big deal, right? Maybe. I’ll read through it when I can walk again without being in constant pain and go over to his place. If any of those posts are still relevant (technology has really changed obvs). I’ll post them here, but i don’t think I can post date things this way and it likely doesn’t matter.

Also, the pickles were terrible.


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