I like pie. Specifically, raspberry

Just before Christmas, I started noticing all the cool things that people were doing with Raspberry Pi, that low cost mini computer that runs Linux based OS’s and such. Another colleague of mine got one, so I decided to mess around with one as well. I know nothing about Linux, but I wanted to make a retro game emulator to play Zelda on. So I got one, learned a little Linux, installed Emulation Station, and by George I actually pulled it off. My recommendation is that you go beyond using keyboard input to play whatever games you put on it, because the keyboard input tends to be the exact reverse of how you would think and old-school game would be played with a controller. So I even learned to code the button inputs to an Xbox controller because its just a USB connection. But that was way too complicated because there’s too many buttons. So I got a cheap USB NES style controller. That was easier to get to work like I remembered a Nintendo game was supposed to be played. It was a fun exercise.

My Mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I couldn’t think of anything, so I just asked her to get me another Pi. My intent was to make this into a media server using Plex, which @JeremyScherder recommended. I never got around to it.

A couple months later my friend Jeremy passed away suddenly, and I was tasked with helping his parents clean out his apartment. His parents didn’t know what to do with his belongings, so they gave his various computers and CE devices to our company. His Raspberry Pi was in his messenger bag. So I gave it to my boss, because he’s kind of a Linux guy. He got the Idea that he wanted to use it to install some weird diagnostic program in the Mustang he built. I suggested that he should get a small touch screen to add to the dashboard. He liked the idea. After he looked into it, he mentioned that he didn’t think he could accomplish what he wanted to do with a Linux based OS. Suddenly I remembered that Microsoft released a Windows 10 IoT version specifically for Raspberry Pi and other tiny as hell computers. Boy, was he glad when I mentioned that, so he is moving on with the project.

I still have a Pi that remains unused, and haven’t really been sure what to do with it. So once we get access into to MS developer program, I can try the Windows 10 IoT thing. Maybe a robot that feeds my cat? Don’t know yet. As much as I hate Windows, I’m betting that it will be easier (for me) than Raspbian to find something really cool to make with it. I guess I should look into it more, but off the top of my head, I think I’ll just see if i can put iTunes on it, connect it to an external hard drive and turn on home sharing.


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