[Update] The Droste Effect.

“The Droste effect — known as mise en abyme in art — is the effect of a picture appearing within itself, in a place where a similar picture would realistically be expected to appear.[1] The appearance is recursive: the smaller version contains an even smaller version of the picture, and so on. Only in theory could this go on forever; practically, it continues only as long as the resolution of the picture allows, which is relatively short, since each iterationgeometrically reduces the picture’s size. It is a visual example of a strange loop, a self-referential system of instancing which is the cornerstone of fractal geometry.”  via Wikipedia

I always loved this. Is it art? The effect can produced in photography, film, even paintings or adverts such as the example shown on Wikipedia page for which the term was coined after.

A couple months ago I was beta testing a Telephone Entry System called the ButterflyMX that communicated via a smart phone app which the resident could see the guest asking for permission into the building with the camera on the panel. So here I was playing around with both the phone and and panel at my desk. Then I realized, sweet, I can do that Droste effect thing this way:


I thought it was neat, But I could not reproduce the same effect on the panel because it was a beta product and the fucking camera on the panel didn’t work when the call was answered. So my example is garbage.


I’ve been using Periscope a bit more, just because. The other night I periscoped the the topic “ABSOLUTELY NOTHING”, which is pretty much what I do. Just kidding. While packing for a trip I was wandering around the house and out of the blue I realized that I could recreate the Droste effect by simply pointing my face forward camera at a mirror and behold, my less garbage like example:


However, it turns out that there is a subreddit (r/DrosteEffect) that has lots of fascinating examples of how this uh, art, or whatever you call it can be accomplished.


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