How to use Instagram: Don’t.

Not quite sure when Instagram links started popping up in my Twitter feed. Several years ago maybe? Well of course I set up a profile and starting grammin’ at tech conferences, because that’s somewhat related to my job. Not the artsy photos, the tech conferences specifically. I also Vined some stuff too. It was obvious to me that artsy photos of gigabit network switches would look stupid, and looping videos of a Jumbo-tron up close would make one feel that they had been at the Super Bowl for way too long. I was more interested in how linking one social media account would display on the fourth and thrice versa. It’s referred to as social network aggregation. To this day, an Instagram post connected with Twitter merely shows up as a shortened URL, which requires the viewer to take an additional step beyond the site in question. Then I realized that I had not yet linked my uh, ‘post’ with Pinterest, because I never signed up for that.

I only pay attention to the bird because the bird is the word. Seemed obvious that you could just edit a phone pic within the device yourself and directly include the image in a tweet. No additional steps required. Regardless of the device the viewer uses, at least they get a version of the artsy photo simply in their feed.

Guys, it’s 2015. We all can sepia tone or poprocket on our own, even crop the image to something other than a square. I digress. I would also like to point out that the bird does the same thing with videos with a minimum 30 second limit including thumbnail. I know Instagram does the same thing now but sans thumbnail. So what is the point?

IMO there isn’t.


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