Quick, redesign a logo in one day: Illustrator vs. AutoCAD

The details aren’t important, but this is what I did all fucking day today. A decision needed to be made and we had to update the logo on EVERYTHING. Title blocks, invoices, proposals, website, social media, the works. Once we settled on the tag line, we got our marching orders. I can handle the AutoCAD, no prob. I also know a bit of Photoshop, and offered to help in that regard but it was not needed. So PJ took care of the .PNGs for letter head and such. Also website.

One would think you could just pull off a bait and switch snipping tool procedure and none would be the wiser. Seems obvs right?

Sadly this was not the case. :/

A third of the way into CTRL C/CTRL V  ad infinitum (Which I literally do all damn day), I once again pointed out to PJ that the fonts just did not align correctly between the two vector based programs we were using. As in a design drawing logo looked slightly off from the other transmittal sheet we would include with it. So the issue was font. Fonts are a pain in the ass in ACAD anyway so I diligently did my best continuing to CTRL C/CTRL V ad infinitum to match what PJ was working on with Illustrator. AutoCAD has come along way in the sense of flexibility in their text editor, but again, a pain in the ass. Limped over to PJs desk and looked more specifically on how text and font manipulation blew AutoCAD right out of the water. So it ended up being a team effort.

The downside is that it is now technically a day later, and I am still individually aligning, by grid, each individual letter. So AutoCAD lost. Thankfully I don’t have to redo the business cards.


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