Was thinking outside of the box and put it all in an old drum.

“So what am I looking at?”

Little turnable AM/FM radio, WiFi, Cable modem, a book, a Netgear MiFi thing (that they don’t even make anymore), AppleTV, Raspberry Pi (B+) running Emulation Station, and a TCP Lighting Hub. Inside of and old drum I wasn’t using. I put one bulb behind it all so it would look cool, and another by my couch where I write. I can control almost everything with my iPhone and iPad but use the MiFi for my laptop. I end up doing way more CAD on that machine but that’s my job. Haven’t really ‘automated’ the radio but it was already sunrise and my living room still looked like a fire hazard.

Anyway, this is how how odd I am sometimes. I have so much crazy gear just sort of accumulating all over my damn house that my garage door won’t even close. The weekend comes along and all I wanted to do was work on my book, but I kept tripping over wires and stubbing toes so I fucking lost it. As in maybe my mind. Instead of once again chucking whatever I wasn’t testing at the time into my hemorrhaging garage, I decided to put most of the things I play around with on a daily basis both at home and at the office inside a musical instrument. It all ‘works’ I guess, and I have additional IoT devices to play around with, if I ever find them. Because it’s a drum, room for expansion and plenty of holes that I can thread other wires through. I’m sure to some it looks messy and almost makes no sense, but I was pretty happy with the result. Technology has come to inspire me now just as much as playing the drums used to, and maybe in my slightly warped brain, I might even pick up the sticks again. Someday.





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