Strange things seem to be afoot over at Twitter.

I love Twitter. Love it. I don’t tell people this very much because in my small circle of friends and colleagues, the social media platform seems strange and pointless. The comments that I get when I do mention how much I love the Bird go something along the lines of, “What’s so great about Twitter? I thought that’s just where people just say BRB Just taking a shit.”

To me, statements like that and most others that I get are ignorant and stupid. But damn, do those folks love Facebook. What the hell. Facebook is literally now designed and tailored to generate ad revenue through “communication” between “friends”, regardless if a URL link is included in an FB post. So If friend ‘A’ posts “Man I really love Pepsi.” and friend ‘B’ likes that post, it is very likely that friend ‘B’ will see an add in their sidebar for Pepsi or other soft drink related products. The way this works is a little more complicated but that’s the simplest way I can explain it because I don’t use Facebook.

Back to Twitter. I have been an active Twitter user since 2009 and manage my company’s accounts, my personal company account, and my new personal account. The Bird has done amazing things with social media content aggregation, embedding media, pics, shortened URLs etc. over the years. Twitter does generate ad revenue but it is not done with adverts. They are called Promoted tweets, that’s why you’ll see a promoted tweet in your feed even though you do not follow that product. A couple of years ago they added that Vine platform (which I still think is owned by Twitter but I won’t bother to look that up). More recently they added a new platform called Periscope which is an actual Twitter product. The Periscope App allows the user to live stream anything they want i.e. Taking a shit (J/K), and I thought that was was pretty damn cool. Last week I periscoped my crippled ass  wandering around an old Masonic Cemetery that I used to go to in high school to take artsy pictures for photography class. 37 people watched it. The comments I got in the chat section of the app were funny, contemplative, and I also got a lot of weird questions. It was fun. So yeah. I love Twitter. I almost never tell and/or show people it, but I have the Twitter bird tattooed on the bottom of my left foot (hence the title of this post).

Anyway, three days ago an article was posted to Buzzfeed News, and I fucking hate Buzzfeed. So far it is the most comprehensive article that explains Twitter’s top secret Project Lightning. It was so comprehensive that Gizmodo wrote a piece on it and their only cited source was the Buzzfeed article. I hate Gizmodo too but they both deserve some credit. Twitter has not yet officially announced Project Lightning, but the articles mentioned above describe what the intent is. The only hint at this development for Twitter officially came via Jack Dorsey the founder of twitter (@Jack).

“This direction and experience is bold and uniquely Twitter! Follow events as they unfold, even when logged out. (Lightning Bolt Emoji)”

I’m super excited. 🙂


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