Battle: Windows 10 vs. I don’t know, any Macbook.

Great news Microsoft lovers. They recently announced that they are issuing a copy of Windows 10 to preview for free. Well, sort of via: The Verge. Better still, the beloved ‘Start Button’ is back!

Just kidding. No it’s not. At least not on my end. I’ve been using it for three months now. Technically, I’m running “Windows Enterprise insider Preview Evaluation Copy Build 10130” which was a complete re-install from Build 9926, where I was happy to see (and use) the ‘Start Button’ which most Windows users have been using since the earlier versions of Windows starting way back in 1995 or something. Skip to like 2012 when Windows 8 came out and the ‘Start Button’ just fucking disappeared. It was annoying to many. There are even paid subscription services that build the ‘Start Button’ back into windows 8 but who would want to pay for that shit. When I re-installed to the latest build, The button is still there but it doesn’t work, because I  seem to be missing some damn .dll file. All I can do is right-click it just to restart the damn thing.

Anyway, I was at one of those fancy coffee shops with a friend work-shopping our WordPress sites, and she was using her MacBook Air. Right off the bat, her site is super cool, sleek, and has really good content. You should check it out sometime. But this post is about operating systems and my site looks like shit and I don’t really care. Even the WP user interface is better using a Mac, when in the Safari browser. She was all adding and customizing widgets and shit on the fly and they looked great even when she test posted. Getting distracted…Oh yeah operating systems, that’s what I was supposed to be whining about. Maybe laptops in general:

From what I’ve seen with the new Windows 10 (aside from the damn button being broke), there’s a multitasking view, which auto sizes open programs to assist in workflow productivity and now we have “Project Spartan” or Microsoft Edge. That’s the replacement for Internet Explorer and (which apparently people still use) and it’s not terrible. I’m just a Chrome guy.

But I want a MacBook SO BAD. Not the Pro or the Air but the new Macbook. Take a look at the specs on this guy when you get a chance. For anyone who knows anything about laptops I guarantee you will be impressed. Shit, it’s only got one input on the entire machine and that input is USB-C my friends, aka the future. Not that I’ll be able to afford one anytime soon. But when I can, that’s what I’m going to get and it’s uh, powerful enough to run AutoCAD and Revit, so that’s a win/win/win type deal.


2 thoughts on “Battle: Windows 10 vs. I don’t know, any Macbook.

  1. OK…this was your second send at 9:44 and the link and comment buttons work on this one. My previous comments were based on the first send at 9:30.


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