Belated Review: A week with Apple Music and music in general.

Last Tuesday at 11:00a, iOS 8.4 was released to iPhone users. If you a a geek or a fanboy (nomenclature aside), this was a BIG DEAL. Promptly at 11:01a, I updated my phone because as the days go by I use my phone for work almost more than I use fucking Windows, except for AutoCAD and Revit. Really though, the big deal was Apple Music, which I will get to in a bit. So far on the iOS tip, I haven’t noticed much change except more control in accessibility settings, and minor bug fixes. BTW, my CEO is running iOS 9 beta and he tells me it’s garbage.

Anyway, for people with more time than me, it seems that music still means something special. Whether it be inspiration, working out, and I don’t know, whatever people do while listening to their favorite Taylor Swift jam. Christ, I started playing the piano when I was six and still have decent working ability to play like eight or nine instruments. I’m 33 now and draw wires for a living. Skip to the end on that tangent: Two months ago I started writing a book about some crazy thing that happened to me, so when I get the urge to actually sit down and work on my stupid book, I find my self using more streaming music services and it helps a bit with the whole book writing process, of which I know nothing about.

With the exception of the shuffle function and the airplay button, Pandora IMO is garbage and I’ve never Spotified before. As a technology consultant, I sort of have to try everything with regard to streaming services, apps, as well as beta testing hardware and software so I tried the Pandora One, one week free trial. The adverts were gone and sure there are unlimited skips, but the weirdest thing was no unlimited ‘thumbs downs’. So even the pay service for Pandora sucks. Must be a royalty agreement type deal. So last Tuesday as I was preparing for my road trip to research the book, I gobbled up the THREE MONTH free trial for Apple Music, which, if you all have updated your phones by now is pretty damn good. The GUI is a little counter-intuitive but here’s what I like and dislike so far:

1. Three month free trial, with the option to not auto-renew the subscription in user settings.
2. Literally almost every album or song by your favorite artist (give or take, because I like a lot of underground stuff) at your fingertips.
3. The family plan, which ups the monthly fee to like $14.99 month but that’s up to six users.

1. GUI is a little goofy.
2. No ‘Shuffle’ button to randomly play any and/or all artists you follow.
3. No fucking Airplay button. What the hell. I have to launch some random YouTube vid, hit airplay, then switch back. Then it works seamlessly.

There’s my two cents or my 9.99 a month or whatever.


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