Dear Mr. Snoo:

Bcc: Reddit

Hey there big fella. Seems like it’s been a crazy couple of weeks for the both of us, but I hope this writing finds you well. I’m not quite sure though. You are the Mascot of ‘The Front page of the Internet’ which seems like a terribly miserable job title, but I still love you.

The term online community IMO is a little vague. While you have literally millions of users, things can can out of hand and I get that. Even when giant websites like Twitter have internal corporate drama and CEOs step down or get fired. It shakes things up, people get pissed and/or just drop off. Se la vie.

I’ve only recently had my cakeday as a Reddit user and did post a pic of my cat, and as I understand, that is what you are supposed to do. The first online community I joined and actually used for work, goofing off at work, and teh lulz was way back when. For those who don’t know, Fark is a news content aggregation site with cute headline re-writes and the like, with comments etc, much like Reddit, but shittier. On Fark though, personally, I felt shy, was bullied sorta, told to go home, and that “This thread needs less you.” (Actual comment) Who gives a shit right? Well I did, and I kindly bowed out of the “It’s not News, It’s Fark.” scene.

Skip to the end: You make me laugh. You make me cry. You make me say WTF. As newer user on your site, I have never felt bullied, ashamed, shy, or hated on. And legit, I use your site to do my fucking job better on the regular. I know that Reddit and yourself are super important and there are way more important internet people weighing-in on this. But for the record, we’re still cool. Happy Sunday.




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