Battle: My Cat vs. Technology.

The score so far: 2-1 (Kiyo is winning).

Let me explain: I work primarily with WiFi and IoT stuff, including and especially for mobile devices. But honestly, my house is a fire hazard, like wires and stuff. With that said, and some more recent beta-ish things I have been doing with Periscope, Twitter, etc., we now have tripods, network switches, not to mention my turntable, next to my somewhat decent TV circa 2012, and my cat hates all of it. Especially the turntable.

Why she is winning:

1. She knows, legit, how how to kill my A/V power strip. She has done this three times. Cable modem has to restart and everything.

2. The turntable. Sometimes she will just watch a record spin and and it’s no big deal. But that’s if it’s Lou Reed or something. Weird. But if it’s Hip-hop, she freaks.

3. So far, she has managed to steal: Two Cat-5e patch cords (the long ones, and those are important). One Toslink cable connecting my TV to my surround sound receiver. After that one disappeared it was replaced, and that one now has literally been chewed to bits.

4. I have lost three pages on my book because of paws and cat-like-typing has been detected all over my latest draft. 😦 She figured out the whole power strip trick by my couch.

At best, she wants more attention, but worst, we just don’t get along anymore.

Here’s a pic of my crazy best friend:


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