Two Cents: For those who write for (or work with) a “Corporate” blog.

Avoid it if you can. It’s fucking miserable.


Three months ago, my CEO demanded that our small company step up it’s game with regard to our web presence, via whitepapers and the like on our main site, and pushing more OC [original content] on the blog. Also, in his demands was that we should be doing more with social media (he was thinking Facebook, but I think Twitter) as well as an official company Youtube channel and a channel for the corporate ‘Geek’ blog. We actually outsourced the main articles of the blog to an established writer in our somewhat niche industry. Like we paid him for it, per article or per word or whatever.

Thing is, I knew our social media game as a company was basically non-existent, and had literally started maintaining two additional company twitter accounts the month prior as well as my own which, I’ve had for years. That day, I set up accounts for the company on Google+ which let me setup two YouTube channels as my CEO told me was our directive, er, direction. I didn’t step up to write articles of my goofy tech reviews (because I do that here). I simply added another portion and/or responsibility in my official job title which has been in flux since, well, forever. Social Media Manager. I fixed all of our logos and changed URLs on the Twitter sites, as well as LinkedIn. We had to officially change our company name (no shit, right?) and main website URL recently, so that was the priority that I gave myself. The only person who has access to our company Facebook account was Jeremy (@314Bytes) and he passed away late February. I guess eventually I’ll just have to start a new business Facebook account, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I hate that responsibility. And here I am digressing because Facebook is garbage.

Anyway, back to blogging. As I mentioned, we actually pay a guy who is kind of a big deal in our little niche industry to write the articles, and that’s the direction the blog’s Editor-In-Chief let it remain. I just maintain the twitter accounts and push the fancy content out on Thursday, when the dude publishes. Obviously, I do more with those twitter accounts but that’s just because I’m the only one in the office that uses fucking Twitter and we are a technology company. What the hell. Another one of my job titles that I gave myself is Beta Tester, because I do that so much of the time now. I love it. We get super new, cool, and (sometimes) top secret gadgets, hardware and software to play with almost weekly. My CEO and I are really the only ones who love this shit so much, that when he was done with his 1st Gen Nest thermostat, he threw it on my desk and said “Here. Install this at your place and write something for our blog about it.” I did, and that remains unpublished.

I had already started up this old blog that I started like five years ago, so I combined all of the cool shit I got from work and stuck it in an old drum, and published that here instead. Whatever. A month later, My CEO comes back to the office from a trade show and throws an unboxed Amazon Echo on my desk. He said, “Here. Play around with this and write something for our blog about it.” I did, and that remains unpublished. Actually, it was published here. So when he asked me a week later if I had written a review of the Echo (I call her Alexa now), I just took that one, cleaned up the language and said “Here you go.” Maybe he read it, maybe he didn’t. Either way, it was put in the hands of the Editor-In-Chief of the blog and, yes, remains unpublished. Apparently, even though original content is the best way IMO to get reader’s attention, and perhaps more business, I was told that our ‘Geek’ blog was not ready to head in that direction, by the guy who calls himself EIC. And that’s the last time I will ever write a shitty review of product a month before anyone else does for that blog, ever again. But not here.

Old news is old, but a month later, the great Walt Mossberg writes a review of the Amazon Echo and it goes fucking viral. Even The Verge re-reviewed his review. Not jealous, those guys are serious bloggers. I guess my point is, I work with (or write for) a “corporate” blog, We should not go the way of the dinosaur when it comes to technology, and totally dropped the ball in that regard.




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