[Pulp] What the hell is a Jarvis Cocker?


I don’t music much, but when I do, it’s typically weird underground hip-hop, 80’s music, and few bands I liked when I was high-school. Guess how old I am.

For some reason, I have been listening to a lot of hits by the band Pulp. Just the hits tho. the rest is just meh.

This is my favorite Pulp jam:

Here’s why:

Three months ago I started writing a book. Suddenly listening to music a bit more helps the whole “I’m writing a book thing”, if that makes any sense. Certain songs will remind me of a character that I forgot to include. That one song reminds me of that one girl, etc.[i’ts a true story]. I happened across some old Pulp songs the other day, specifically the song above, and then Jarvis Cocker spits out this lyric:

“She just smiled and held my hand.”

Wait what? What the actual fucking fuck did I just hear?? No joke, that is an actual line that I used in my book. Totally unintentional. Guess it’s just an odd coincidence. Anyway back to the band. via Wikipedia…

Pulp were an English alternative rock band who formed in Sheffield in 1978. Their best-known line-up from their heyday (1994–1996) consisted of Jarvis Cocker (vocals, guitar), Candida Doyle (keyboards), Russell Senior(guitar, violin), Mark Webber (guitar, keyboards), Steve Mackey (bass) and Nick Banks (drums). Senior quit in 1996 and returned for tours in 2011, while Leo Abrahams had been a touring member of the band since they reunited in 2011, contributing electric and acoustic guitar.

Throughout the 1980s, the band struggled to find success, but gained prominence in the UK in the mid-1990s with the release of the albums His ‘n’ Hers in 1994 and particularly Different Class in 1995, which reached the number one spot in the UK Albums Chart. Different Class spawned four top ten singles, including “Common People” and “Sorted for E’s & Wizz“, both of which reached number two in the UK Singles Chart. Pulp’s musical style during this period consisted of disco influenced pop-rock coupled with “kitchen sink drama“-style lyrics. Jarvis Cocker and the band became reluctant figures in the Britpop movement, and were nominated for theMercury Music Prize in 1994 for His ‘n’ Hers; they won the prize in 1996 for Different Class and were nominated again in 1998 for This Is Hardcore. They headlined the Pyramid Stage of the Glastonbury Festival twice.

The band released We Love Life, in 2001, after which they entered an extended hiatus, having sold more than 10 million records.

Pulp reunited played live again in 2011, with dates at the Isle of Wight Festival, Reading and Leeds Festivals, Sziget Festival, Primavera Sound, the Exit festival, and the Wireless Festival. A number of additional concert dates have since been added to their schedule.

In January 2013 Pulp released “After You“, a re-recording of a We Love Life demo track, as a digital download single. It was the band’s first single release since “Bad Cover Version” in 2002.

My second favorite Pulp jam:

Based on the two examples, it’s obvious that:
1. I like hot girls.
2. I like to tap my foot from time to time.
C. Song lyrics inspire me when I’m working on my book.
4. Dude-crush on Jarvis, because I will NEVER be this cool:

E. On the guitar track in Common People, they use controlled feedback just before and during during the hook. It’s subtle but I noticed it on the way home from work today. It’s rare when some damn guitar makes my ears perk up.
7. I like hot girls.

The third:

“It makes good sense for you to be together.”

Again, I don’t music much but today was a good day so that’s that. Happy Tuesday, or Wednesday.

giphy (2)



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