[App Review] Periscope: My shitty scopes and why it’s awesome.

Yesterday, Periscope announced that they had reached 10,000,000 users. In the tech news world, this was BIG DEAL. The Periscope app was developed by Twitter on released on iOS in March 2015, it came out on Android like a month later but who cares. Periscope is a live streaming video platform the integrates seamlessly with Twitter, although you have the option to opt out of posting to Twitter before you start a broadcast [not recommended]. Thinking back now to one of the first “live” streaming apps several years back uStream, which really was quite terrible IMO. Meerkat is just meh. Periscope is nothing like any of those. Also, live streaming via Youtube just isn’t worth it. Too many click-thrus, and that’s stupid.


Obviously, I downloaded the app, but I really have no interest in live streaming anything. Besides working too much, I pretty much do absolutely nothing. Then I noticed That Periscope was becoming wildly popular. Mostly because a lot of the tech writers I follow were using it not only to report on keynote events etc., but also just testing out the app at home, just being themselves, having fun with technology or just going on out for a slice via skateboard at 12:30a on a weekday. I’m talking about Sam Sheffer. There’s the shout out. The coolest thing about his scopes was it was just cool. But his life is way cooler than mine.

Again, when I’m not at the office I pretty much do absolutely nothing. Since it is sort of my job to understand, test, and/or use any sort innovative app, in the interest of science, er, technology, that’s exactly what I did. I scoped ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Here’s a brief synopsis of of stats from my absolutely nothing scopes.

Actually, I was wandering around an old masonic cemetery because I was bored. Despite the title of my scope, almost instantly, 37 live viewers. Guess it was because I was wandering around a graveyard. The questions I received in that chat bar were quite thought provoking and I actually enjoyed myself just being myself, being bored. Cool. Results: 112 live viewers with 37% retention.

Just set my iPhone up in front of my TV and watched the extras from Breathless (A bout de souffle). That was fun too. Occasionally would double tap to flip and show my face and say hello, but the viewers were legit interested in what I was watching and why Jean Seberg was investigated by the CIA and killed herself.
Results: 87 live viewers with 16% retention.

Went for a road trip for a site first last minute. Packing up my gearbags in a rush like a mad man, also my cat Kiyo being a complete pain in the ass the entire time.
Results: About the same as the last one.

Skip to end: I’ve done more scopes just to see the viewer count and retention rate. One of my Twitter accounts is a beta account so they have access to all my tweet data for analysis and making Twitter beta, or better. Whatever. Based on the @TwitterDev scopes over the last few days that’s exactly what they do with it.

Two weeks ago I decided to scope a bit of my site visit at a construction site, as was my directive to do so by my boss, but then he didn’t really care.

Here’s my shittiest scope ever, based on results and science. [Who wants to visit a construction site]:

[Why it’s awesome]:

Periscope is powerful and works really well. the GUI is clean and super easy to use.
Some bands that I follow will actually stream entire concerts on stage. It’s innovative. Sure, some people will just scope absolutely nothing, but I just watched “Lunch with Deb” and it had cats and shit. That made me smile.

Score for @Periscopeco [9/10]


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