[App Review] Chapsnat (Snapchat).

Three months ago I tagged along with my friend for a road trip to South Beach. He was going to take his family down for his little brother’s birthday. They bailed, so I volunteered. I took one day off and I never do that. He even had another hotel room [for the family] that would be my own. When I got there, I realized that South Beach Miami is not my fucking scene. I can’t even describe it. But I made the best of it. I was testing several new iOS apps and decided that I would just fool around with my phone the whole time. This was the first time I downloaded and used Snapchat.


[I subconsciously call it chapsnat]

It’s what my friend calls it. He loves this app so much, he doesn’t even use Facebook. He has all sorts of friends around the country and they just use it communicate their stories to their friends. I guess it’s like an inside joke with the cooler people he knows but anyways, it stuck. I call it chapsnat now. I have been using this app more and more lately so I figured I would thow in my two cents about it, and why IMO it’s awesome.

[Here’s Why]

Again, South Beach is totally not my scene, so I was bored as hell. A shit ton of foot traffic beneath awning shades along the strip. Really expensive restaurants nestled snugly between drag palaces, t-shirt shops, and more really expensive restaurants, so my friend and I kept getting separated from each other. Obviously it was pointless to text him “Meet by the palm tree near the fountain” because those were everywhere. I was getting hungry and was hoping he would spring for dinner, so I starting using chapsnat for one singular purpose: Locating a motherfucker in a crowd.

Especially at the nightclubs. While I was sitting in a darkened corner charging my phone and rethinking life decisions, he kept wandering off and having fun. Good for him. Instead texting him “Were’d you go dawg?”, I’d snap him a vid  POV from that miserable corner demonstrating my location in said club and captioned, “Get at me. I want chicken fingers.” he would then snap me back, cluing me into the fact that we was doing shots with some girl, and was not at all interested in paying for my meal.

I tracked him down, said “Peace out”, and went for a walk on the beach by my damn self at 4am and watched the sunrise listening to Steve Martin’s old stand-up routines. I wandered back to my hotel room only slightly questioning my life decisions and of course, he was no where to be found. The process of my friend and I locating each other in this debauchery continued through the weekend. Though I remained bored, he was totally getting his money’s worth.

Since then, I don’t get much out out chapsnat personally, as I only have a handful of friends who use the app and again, they are all having a way better time than I am. Skip to the end: Snapchat has increased in popularity over the last three months, with celebrities, journalists, and brands using the app to just tell a story. Recent updates to the app continue to let the more user be creative, funny, etc. whatever. I just have a handful of ghosts, but I really like using it to see my homeboy back in Denver, chilling with his dogs and still having more fun than myself. But that pizza emoji though.


Here’s a few of my faves in no real particular order:


  1. samsheffer [internet guy]
  2. therealverge [website]
  3. timcasts [Tim Pool, journalist]
  4. alispagnola [musician, comedian]
  5. reddithq [Reddit]
  6. Electronitect [complainer]

I really recommend this app. I can see it going places far more exciting than tracking a friend down in South Beach but it worked for me.

Score for chapsnat [10/10]


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