Rant: Hashtag Gamers [not hashtag games]

Not quite sure where I should start on this one so here goes:

I love Twitter. Since my first account in 2009, I’ve studied the bird and nearly every cute, witty, and/or annoying facet that makes Twitter my favorite social network. It’s also where I get my news because I can’t afford cable. Before the rant, I’ll just put it out there that I think I have a completely different opinion [versus the world] on how I want my personal twitter account to function as opposed to my blog’s account and the account I maintain for my damn cat. Tbh, I really don’t give a crap about how many followers I have. Never did. For me, Twitter is just about communication. I’m not trying to sell anything or promote a brand or service. Me on Twitter is basically me IRL if that makes any sense.

When Kiyo got her own twitter account, she would participate in trending hashtag games, eat some Sheba and pass out. In two weeks, I started noticing that a lot of the 191 people that followed her and actually tweeted back to my cat are uh, people who are ‘Hashtag Gamers’. As in they literally follow like a gazillion people and a gazillion follow back and the only thing they contribute to the twittershpere are mindless contributions to trending hashtags. That’s it. I’ll check my cat’s profile and see that her latest 10 followers only tweet crap like this:

  1. @(fill in the blank) #ItAintOverTill Till those south Korean speakers can be heard blasting Tower of Power.
  2. @(fill in the blank) Till the I say human! #caturday #ItAintOverTill
  3. @(fill in the blank) Tyler Perry Presents Egumicashun #BadNames4School
  4. @(fill in the blank) #ImOnlyCoolBecause I spent hours + hours trying to come up with a cool #tweet and failed. Livin’ the life! No jealousy please…
  5. @(fill in the blank) Hope Throats (Cuz She Hookin Now) #MakeAFilmBroke #FridayFondue


Well, now I feel a bit ill, but whatever. I think it’s great that people just use their account for fun and teh lulz. It doesn’t really bother me beyond the fact that my cat isn’t at all very witty and has way more important things to do like what she’s doing right now. Staring me down waiting for some Sheba, so can #omnomnomnomnomnom and go back to sleep.

Happy Saturday!



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