Slight Rant: Locked out of Twitter beta for three days.


[Pictured above]: Me

About two months ago and I didn’t bother to look it up, I got accepted into a Twitter beta program. I got word via the bird that Crashlytics and Fabric were accepting Twitter users and app developers to install all sorts of exciting APIs and whatnot to assist [specifically app developers] in more seamless integration with Twitter, while also analyzing app crash data etc. and blah, blah, blah. I just love Twitter and can’t code to save a sinking ship let alone make an app, so I just wanted to participate in a beta program that just happened to be available with one of my favorite things.

[how i got involved]

Oviously via Twitter. But before I get on with hashtag betagate (as I now calmly refer to the whole ordeal), I just found this on wikipedia:

…searching for Crashlytics…

Wayne Chang (born August 3, 1983) is an American entrepreneur. He is best known for founding Crashlytics that, in a little over a year, was acquired by Twitter for over $100 million in 2013 (later valued at $259.5 million at Twitter’s IPO), creating i2hub, a popular filesharing network, and his lawsuit against the Winklevoss brothers, famously depicted in The Social Network movie.

Wait what. When I started complaining to they asked me who by beta account representative was. Again, not an app developer so this the first I worked with tech support on this particular project. I scrolled back THREE months worth of emails [finally checked] and found this:

From: Wayne Chang []

Hi there,
Good news! One of the devs on the team created a batch of one with just you in it. You will receive an invite shortly. From there, you’ll be up and running in less than a minute 🙂
After you set up your first app, select a kit, and then you will be good to go.
If you don’t have direct access to your app’s project, once you accept the invite, you can add your lead developer.
Check out our user forums to help answer any questions you have or our support team is always here to help!
Wayne Chang
Twitter: @wayne

^Apparently I know a guy.

[The story] or: How I Learned to not use my Personal Twitter Account and started to Love the Work One…

It was just after lunch last Wednesday. I quoted a tweet about Edward Snowden and snails or something, went back to AutoCAD to appear busy, and felt like complaining about OSNAP sensitivity. This is when I tend to tweet the most. All I really do on the bird is act like myself because honestly, it’s the only place I’m allowed to do so. And all of a sudden… Shit. Can’t tweet. Can’t RT. Can’t fave. Guys I know it’s a bit foolish to some, but my blood started boiling. No joke, I felt like I had lost my voice to an audience of zero, but it legit made me existentially and emotionally sad. Like when you are told as kid that drinking coffee stunts your growth.

It was immediately obvious that something had gone haywire with the @Electronitect account because all of the other like ten of them worked just fine. This issue occurred both on iOS 9 beta 3 and on Windows 10 desktop [both at work and home] for 36 miserable hours. If it makes any sense, I maintain a concentrated number of follows on my personal for people I know, respect, etc. and I was missing important tweets. Period. It was no longer about not having a safe place to bitch and complain.

With no other option but to complain, I started doing that on my work Twitter. Not like my bosses will ever see it, but it was mildly liberating; letting installers, contractors, and former colleagues see how callous I am on a day-to-day basis. It was also quite nice when a handful of others I know on Twitter kinda got the hint that I was tweeting from a totally different account, and they didn’t freak out.

Skip to the end: Shout out to Todd [@toddlovesthis] who worked with me both through Twitter and via email to get me back to where I like to be. With you guys!1!!

Happy Caturday ^__^


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