[App Review] ShowYou: Because I’m too lazy to YouTube for myself.


I can’t afford cable but even if I did, it would be a complete waste of money. My boss does pay for my internet though, which is cool. It’s been this way for about 4 years give or take, and I happily shell out my hard earned dollar for Hulu [which I still like, even though it seems like EVERYONE complains about the service]. I share a family plan with the rents to use Netflix and Apple Music, which is really the most cost effective way to handle that. Pandora and Spotify IMO are are not worth a damn but here I am digressing again. It’s 2015. We have the technology, the tools, the sheer freedom to be streaming only consumers of any type of media or entertainment that makes us happy. For what it’s worth, I’m throwing all of my CDs and DVDs in the ocean this afternoon. The iPod is next.

This brings me to YouTube. Who doesn’t like watching another Harlem Shake parody from time-to-time amiright? Despite the availability of tons of content there (maybe I’m lazy), I just don’t have the patience to go back through my ‘watch laters’, check out fresh content on my subscriptions, or search for more obscure documentaries about Golden Gate Bridge suicides and The Russian Sleep Experiment. < DO NOT WATCH THAT. I just kinda wish I could hit play on the old YouTube and go about my day. Cool thing is, there’s an app for that, and it’s called ShowYou.

ShowYou is a 3rd party YouTube content aggregation app that when connected your YouTube account and/or various social media platforms, basically finds cool shit for you. You set up a feed by selecting channels you subscribe to, Twitter accounts you follow, Facebook but who cares, Tumblr etc. The ShowYou app collects any posted video with that data and then you just hit play. It’s mostly awesome. I first tried this app about a year ago and totally forgot about it, so this is me on a Sunday morning.

[Screenshots from the iOS App Store] | (app is free)


Starting out with the biggest complaint first. Pictured above is only partly true. If you have a smart TV and the app is available on an Andoid or Linux based smart TV OS, you should be good. But…. If you use an AppleTV and were hoping to use Airplay from your phone or iPad to blast content to a slightly less intelligent television, you’ll be SOL. I have half a mind to see if the app is available for the FireTV Stick, Chromecast, Roku and the like but I won’t bother. I have all of those and they suck too. [-5]


This part is awesome. A year ago RedditTV was glitchy as hell, but it’s improved quite a bit. Haven’t figured out how to connect it with subreddits yet, but I’m optimistic. Linking this with accounts that I follow on Twitter is by far the best. If a friend in Denver posts a YouTube vid via Twitter, it’ll just pop up in the queue, and after I’m finished watching ‘Kittens Fight in Tiny Boxing Ring’ via @laughingsquid, I can watch another Flaming Lips video. No thought required. [+5]


This part is bit cumbersome to setup, but once you get accustomed to a pretty fluid GUI you’re all set. [No points]


Another good feature. Once you’ve set up the app and connected content to your liking, it pretty much does the rest for you. I’ts not like it just plays the latest vids and then starts from the beginning, or the top, er, bottom. Whatever. ShowYou will skip around, and play a Vice clip from a week ago right after the latest national news clip about journalists getting gunned down. It’s like having a shuffle button for sadness. [+1]

giphy (1)

[Pictured above] Sadness.

To summarize, this app will be fantastic when I fly out for work next week, but it’s pointless to use at home because my TV isn’t smart enough. Seeing that this app is still around after year or so gives me hope that an Airplay feature will show up eventually.

Score for ShowYou [6/10]


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