Can’t fly out to Twitter Flight this year :/

Happy Friday. Hope you are all well. My week was so-so but only partially calmed down after this happening:

On October 21st at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, CA, Twitter is holding its Twitter Flight Conference. The keynote speaker for the event is Jack Dorsey, founder and CEO of Twitter. Other featured speakers include Kayvon Beykpour, co-founder and CEO of Periscope, and a number of other high level Twitter product managers and engineers. It is a one day event, but from looking at the schedule, which includes content tracks for mobile, data, and something called Lightning Theater, it promises to a great event.


This fucking sucks.

Why? Because I can’t go. Two months ago I applied for an invite. In fact, I applied three times with three different email addresses. In the application, I mentioned that I participate with @Fabric and @Crashlytics on one of my accounts as a beta tester for Twitter, and that working with social media was related to my day job in some respects. I waited two weeks, and never heard back so I was mildly disappointed. After a month, I had forgotten about the event completely, got a bonus and bought an Apple Watch. It was like an early Christmas present to myself.

Skip to two days ago as I was going to bed: I get an email notification on my damn watch from Twitter that my application to attend was accepted. Twice. FML. I just paid rent. So what do? Sell a kidney or start a GoFundMe for a plane ticket to San Francisco? Would that even be possible in 14 days? I doubt it.

To attend an actual Twitter developer event for me would literally be a dream come true. I have been an avid user of the bird since 2009, and have always followed developments of the platform as a user, a social media manager, blogger, and quite frankly, a fan of everything that Twitter is about. But hey, its three days later, still can’t swing the cost to go. There’s my rant.

But if I were to win the lottery, or the GoFundMe I just set up pans out, here is what I would be looking forward to:

1. Jack Dorsey- I have followed and looked to up @Jack for as long as I have been a twitter user. If you are familiar with early power struggles as the platform evolved, Jack is one of the Co-Founder/Founder/CEO/Executives that has stayed true to the idea Biz and himself thought up back in 2006. Last week, he was (once again) named permanent CEO of Twitter. Costolo will step down. I have honestly just looked up to the man for a long while, and an opportunity to hear him speak is bucket list material.

2. Fabric- One of my Twitter accounts is a Twitter beta account. As in, I participate with Twitter on this account for crash reporting data, and all sorts of other stuff they see from their end. I simply wanted to participate in the beta program because beta testing is related to my day job. When I joined, it worked via an API from @crashlytics which brought me to a portal for @Fabric, Twitter’s development and research identity, if you will. To sum it up, that account looks slightly different than the rest, and have I been locked out of it several times because of Twitter server errors. But, every time I have had an issue, the Twitter/Fabric team sorted it out (via email actually). There is a boat load of Fabric related tracks on the schedule of events.

3. Periscope- Launched last March, Twitter’s new product is @Periscopeco, a live streaming app for mobile devices. While it is a product of Twitter (think Vine), my experience with using it has been fantastic and I definitely prefer it over others like Meerkat and YouNow. Kayvon Beykpour, CEO, will also be speaking. Two months ago, Periscope reached 10 million users. While I was at lunch, I watched Kayvon do a scope and explain point blank, humbly and openly about how periscope worked, what the hearts were for, and how thankful he was for Periscope to be such a success. I appreciated his scope so much that a chance to see him speak at Twitter Flight would be another bucket list type deal. I have always appreciated the genuine personality behind companies like this.

4. Moments- That’s the little Lightning bolt that (hopefully) you all should be seeing now. This happened like two days ago but it’s a huge change for Twitter and I’m just excited to see where it goes. On the schedule of events, there is something called ‘Lightning Theater’, so… yeah. I’m interested.

5. Nerds- Irl, I am the biggest Twitter nerd in my entire town. All my friends around there live on Facebook. Would be nice to meet folks like me, whether they are there as developers, coders, or whatever the hell I am. Is that so bad?

That’s it, guys. I’m sad. If I had known exactly one month ago instead of three days ago I wouldn’t have bought the watch, and now I guess I’ll just delete the email.


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