Highlights of Twitter Flight: I was Highlighted at Twitter Flight.


Happy Wednesday. In case you missed it, last week was the Twitter Flight developer conference, and, because I was only notified two weeks in advance and that my application for an an invite was accepted, I could not afford to go. Whatever.

Thing is, attending a event like this would have been a big deal for me, but shit happens, right? A flight to San Francisco is nearly as much as a flight overseas so I’ll stop whining about it. The point is that even though I could not attend, and continued to complain on Twitter that I was not notified in a timely enough fashion to score a plane ticket, all of the conference sessions were being streamed live. It wan’t on Periscope though, which is odd. Mostly geared toward app developers who would want to integrate Twitter social media content sharing within their, uh, I don’t know, Fitbit app and blah blah blah.

Anyways, it was nearly after lunchtime when Jack Dorsey was to kick off the conference with a keynote address or whatever. I got done with lunch and sat down at my desk and saw this:


Top right, Main Stage, at the Twitter Flight Conference is one of my tweets. No joke, they put me in their PowerPoint and shit. Lord, now I have to track that one down. Oh here it is:



Last week 15,000 or so app developers and nerds had to stare at one of my tweets for nearly an hour or so before the CEO of Twitter came on stage.

Although his talk was brief, and you can read other journalists mention how he ‘apologized’ to developers, whatever. Personally, I took away three things from Dorsey’s talk:

  1. There are seven original Twittr t-shirts and I want one.
  2. Twitter is a messaging service.
  3. “If you want to talk to us and tell us what you think, message us with the hashtag ‘HelloWorld’, and we will listen.”

Yeah, it sucks that I couldn’t make it out there last week but, maybe next year. Fact remains, if one of my lame complaining tweets ends up on the main stage, what is Jack’s point? Is everyone here to gain followers and get RTs? It’s not for me least. Even if I’m complaining, sometimes I just feel like saying #HelloWorld. Anyways, hope you are all well. TTYL.


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