[Rant] Accidentally deleted my favorite pinned tweet.

Happy Friday or whatever. Feeling a bit moody today. Not that I had a bad week at the office or anything, I just screwed up something pretty major on one of my Twitter accounts this week. I accidentally deleted my favorite tweet. This might seem pretty bitchy and pointless [it is] but I had to whine about it somewhere. I’ve never pinned a tweet until like six months ago. Never really saw the point of it. Anyway, one night I was bored af, and low and behold, the entire series  of Reading Rainbow got put up on Netflix. While this was awesome at the time, I was a bit consumed with other hobbies, admittedly lonely, and just sort of got fed up with the internet. As a systems architect, I design infrastructures for multifamily developments. To put it in layman’s terms, I give people internet.

That night, I angrily tweeted this:

“If I end up watching Reading Rainbow on Netflix tonight with my cat, I will unplug the internet myself.”

 – @TheRealMaude


For some reason I liked my little bitchy tweet so much that I just pinned it and left it there until last Wednesday, when I went to correct a recent typo and accidentally deleted it. My one existential sentiment that summed up my life up to that point was just gone, not to mention that it had 29 faves and 7 RTs. Not like I was keeping score, but that also meant that another Twitter user (follower or not) happened across that tweet and acknowledged it as something that they either identified with, found amusing, or just liked shit about cats. I requested and downloaded my archive, googled how to undo the mistake, the whole nine, but at this point I’m over it. I actually have two cats meow. By the way, here’s what it looks like when your download a Twitter archive and look at in Excel:


Even in the spreadsheet, it’s gone. But as i mentioned, I now have two vicious beasts to manage and more than likely I’ll be watching Reading Rainbow on Netflix tonight with my girls. I’m not even angry enough to unplug the internet myself anyway. Happy Friday.

K1yoko and Dakota P1ckles


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