[App Review] Final Fantasy VII for iOS

Happy Friday. A couple of months ago, I decided to shell out $15.99 for an iPhone game. Yes, that is an absurd amount of money to pay for a game that I will more than likely play only under my desk at work, but I bought it anyway. Why? Because I got Final Fantasy VII for iOS. Developed, er uh, rebooted by Square Enix Inc. [formerly Squaresoft], the seventh installment of the classic RPG Final Fantasy was instantly available for download, and I was all, “What the hell, let’s race some Chocobos”


Ok, so this may not be a very ‘in-depth review ‘ but more of an exercise in nostalgia back to Playstation 2, living above my parents’ garage, and pretending on late nights that I was an hero with a giant sword, and torn between my feelings for Tiffa and the Flower Girl. What was her name again?


Aeris, or whatever. Either way, it turns out that even after all these years, my feelings about Final Fantasy VII and the brilliant story that drags you into the need to continue a 37+ hour game [give or take], into the wee hours of the morning remained. Oddly enough, the screenshot below pretty much sums up how I was back then and still am today:

unnamed (2)
Me IRL tbh


Identical to the original, but like, on your phone. I’ve played a few 1st person shooters this way, with buttons that emulate a game controller on your screen, but I always found them to be glitchy and annoying. Let alone wanting to play it in the first place. On this one though, it’s quite nice. Just an RPG so I’m not aiming at anything, but it eases the learning curve a bit.

unnamed (3)
Menu and UI is solid.

Back to the nostalgia. Not sure how many people would drop almost twenty bucks on playing a game that had so much impact on them back in the day, but I did. That’s why it was worth it.

Stores, stories, etc. [Nostalgia cry]
Oh, and the Soundtrack. Like those chills you get on the back of your neck when you hear an ocarina, or a 8-bit tune that makes you want to stomp on a turtle and fist bump a magic mushroom in mid-air. It’s just like that.

…and then I was all

unnamed (1)
Limit Breaks FTW

Again, once you get used to the UI, pulling out limit breaks and linking materia is also just as it was, only smaller.  It’s fun to play and I’m really hoping I don’t regret buying this shit.


There’s only one problem:

unnamed (4)

It’s been stuck on this massive update for over a month now. What the hell. I have roughly 59 gigs left on my phone and the game refuses to update itself. Not that I had any issues with what is mentioned above, I just forgot where I was supposed to go to next and moved on. Much like my ex-girlfriends, but now I’m digressing a bit. Really though, I never had any issue with the game, I just got bored, nostalgic, and maybe a bit love sick. Either way, I got completely lost in a fantastic story-line that sucked me in and spit me out [metaphorically], and I’m still determined to defeat Sephiroth. Like back in high-school. Fml.

Whatever. I am Cloud and I kick ass.


Score for Final Fantasy VII for iOS [7/10]


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