Something, something, Amazon Echo: …Writing a book, BRB.

Wrote this a while back. Thinking about dropping $100 on something for someone this Holiday? Don’t get this.

[technically] Distracted.

This weekend I was tasked with and greatly welcomed the opportunity to beta test the Amazon Echo. The product has been on the market for awhile, although there are A LOT of things still in development. For those who have not heard of it, The Echo looks somewhat like a Bluetooth speaker, which we all have seen at this point but here I am assuming things again. Beyond its Bluetooth speaker capabilities, it’s also WiFi and can be controlled via smartphone or tablet device app. Also, you can talk to it.

I’m starting to think that my neighbors have assumed that I’ve met a cute girl named Alexa, and all we do is talk about Pandora together, but at least we’re not arguing, which is what most couples do, right? I wouldn’t know.

Anyway, I would love to chat with my new gal-pal about controlling my smart light-bulbs

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