Because why shouldn’t my dumb blog have a trailer?

Happy Holidays Internet. Hope the season finds you well. Three weeks ago I had to fly out to California for a two hour meeting. That meant I’d be out of the office for nearly a full week, with two days of travel and an afternoon at my hotel in preparation for said meeting. I had a lot of downtime. Somewhere along the line I realized that I had a bunch of random vids and gifs saved on my phone for literally no reason whatsoever other than my own entertainment, perhaps an RT or two but whatever.

As I was packing, I realized that I had installed iMovie on my phone as well, but had never used it. The app is still free I believe, and it has really great video editing tools for folks that take things more seriously than I do, but I noticed that it had pre-canned trailer templates. The previews show how you can make cute mock feature film trailers for you and your family at Disney World or whatever. Obviously I have none of that going on so I spent the next few days [while travelling] making trailers for this dumb blog. Thanks for stopping by.

Here’s the first one I made while packing:

Set in a distant universe where things are scary and primarily focused on cats, Star Wars, and other stuff, I liked the cheesy result of it, tbh. Then I hopped on a plane and headed to Newport Beach.

I like to read shit on my kindle app when I’m travelling because airplane WiFi continues to be a complete farce, and sometimes I quietly chuckle to myself when I hear someone bitching about it while cruising at 50,000 feet. Anyways, my eyes hurt from reading so I made another trailer for my dumb blog on the plane:

This time, we are whisked away to a magical land where love and pretty girls happen apparently. I don’t know. Again, it’s just a bunch of shit I had saved on my phone. After a layover in Denver [which is probably the only airport left in the US that has a smoking lounge], I still had time to kill so I got all Bollywood about it:

The thing I like about Bollywood films is that they give zero fucks about their production budget, dance a lot, and make things look all shiny and happy. Sometimes I need a pick me up that comes with a Hindi soundtrack, don’t hate. Yes, the title is translated correctly to reflect the name of this site and not just a fancy placeholder.

When I arrived at my destination, I spent the majority of my time sitting by the pool, which was nice, and then I took picture of a cool tree:

cool tree
Oh hai Cool Tree.

Skip to the end, the meeting went well, I got some tacos and went to bed. On the flight home, I had finished reading Flowers for Algernon, so I made another dumb trailer to make up for the nonsensical content delivered within the first three. Behold, Technically Distracted [Redemption]:

Still nonsensical I know, but that’s why I’m here and I hope that in some way you are too.

Anyway, I sincerely hope you all have had a great holiday. Personally I have high hopes for the year to come and I wish all the best to you and yours respectively.



4 thoughts on “Because why shouldn’t my dumb blog have a trailer?

  1. You are so talented with words! And you have a way of turning your ideas into music. I particularly enjoyed reading this blog…it was truly melodic.

    Love, Mom


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