Subreddit Spotlight: r/InternetIsBeautiful

Image by  v3rtex on Tumblr


This is the internet. We’re all glad you are here. Two weeks ago the world wide web turned twenty five and like most millennials, it wouldn’t shut up about it. In light of this, today we’re going to take a look at one of Reddit’s subs, or subreddit. It’s likely that on any given day, the internet admittedly drags my attention away from work, or sitting alone at home with my cats, but maybe that’s one of the best things about our 25 year old friend. Welcome to r/InternetIsBeautiful.

Most of the links you’ll find here are related to web development and coding, but there are some serious gems [many browser based] that really take all the advances of Javascript, HTML5, etc., and turn them into neat internet experiences. A few examples, then I have to get back to house chores…

Demo the same software NASA uses to operate rovers, visualize data, and more


This appears to be an open source version of what NASA uses to control the mars rover. You can customize the panels to display geomaps, heat diagnostics for the equipment, and check tire pressure. This kept me entertained for about half an hour, and then I promptly ran the rover into a crater, spilled samples, and nearly ruined years of scientific research. Fun.

Zombie version of the BioDigital Human Experience


If you are still unsure about the impeding Zombie apocalypse and what steps you should take to protect your family, this is a spot-on resource for all things concerning zombie anatomy, why they smell so bad, and whether or not it’s finally time to kill Philip.

Sorry Phil


A typewriter that creates a font based on google maps satellite imagery


This one was super beta a few months ago but the site now seems to be able to spell out “SEND HELP” with lots of fun and creative google map images that resemble letters, but will in no way give away the location of the hostages you are holding. More on that in a bit.

An interactive galactic map of Wikipedia


It’s likely that someone has done something similar with Twitter.

A melody written by a crowd


Here’s another one that was really strange and messy a few months ago but if you hit play today, the song isn’t actually that bad. This is an experiment in crowd-sourced songwriting. A melody has been generated, note by note, in real-time, using the popular vote of the crowd.+1 to collective thought.

Ransom note generator


If you’re like me, you are damn tired of cutting out all of those letters by hand, buying all that scotch tape, but somehow still confident that the feds haven’t caught on to all of those suspicious… oh well never mind.

This guy


Meet Graham. The only person designed to survive on our roads. Still don’t get this really, but there he is.

Rick Astley Remixer


…and what post about internet would be complete without a rickroll? Create your own here.

Ok, I seriously have to get back to cleaning my house, which seems to take up more time than I’m willing part with but c’est la vie. Enjoy the weekend everyone!



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