Push the button and see what happens.

Nothing. It’s broke. Go away.

Actually, this is not correct. The button does work, just push it.

“Push the button and see what happens” is my favorite quote from my Mother. She worked for the federal government for 33 years. First she was involved in the early United States military “War Games” uh, thing back in the 1980’s. She also was an IT specialist, a GIS Analyst and Cartographer for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service making maps of endangered species.  She retired last year and is travelling around the world almost regularly. When she is not abroad she has been working with an author who is writing a book about whales. She works on drawing the maps that will be included in the book showing locations of whale species around the globe. The book will be published sometime this year I believe. Her twitter handle is @_Mapmaker_

Like anyone, my Mother is my hero. When I became a systems architect, I was intimidated about making mistakes, pissing off my boss, or screwing up a building design so that no-one would have the interwebs. It stressed me daily.

One day, I was venting to her about how scared I was to do to my job incorrectly and ruin everything. Her response to me went something like this:

“I never worry about things like that with technology, you’ll never be able to figure what works and what does not. Just push the button and see what happens.”



2 thoughts on “Push the button and see what happens.

  1. Your mother sounds like an amazing woman! I can see 33 years in government slanting your opinion toward not worrying about things. If you were a worrier in government, at least nowadays, you’d be in a constant state of panic about shutdowns and budget crises! I take a similar philosophy with gadgets and gizmos of all types. It used to be that hitting the wrong button could really break something, but now it’s really quite safe to do *almost* anything.

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